Code of Conduct



The Sherwin-Williams Company has a long tradition and stellar reputation as a global leader in quality coatings, outstanding customer service, and conducting business with the highest standard of honesty and integrity. We maintain a culture of excellence due in large part to our commitment to our seven guiding values: Integrity, People, Service, Quality, Performance, Innovation, and Growth.

The Sherwin-Williams Supplier Code of Conduct requires our business partners to operate in a manner that is consistent with our company’s values and is applicable to all global suppliers and their sub-contractors. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the following principal requirements to become and remain a supplier to Sherwin-Williams.

Suppliers shall comply with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to conducting business in their respective countries and all countries where their products or services are sold, including labor, immigration, health and safety, trade regulation, and environment.

Suppliers shall not use Sherwin-Williams’ or its affiliates’ name, trademarks, trade names, or logos for any reason without prior written authorization of an officer of Sherwin-Williams or its affiliates.

Suppliers must not engage in, directly or indirectly, business transactions that may create a conflict of interest.

Suppliers shall employ only workers who meet applicable minimum legal age requirements and must comply with all other applicable child labor laws.

Suppliers shall not engage in or support human trafficking or use any indentured, bonded, prison, or forced labor, slavery, or servitude. See our full Human Trafficking Policy.

Suppliers shall provide their employees with safe and humane working conditions, and maintain compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding worker wage and hours worked, and facility safety

Suppliers shall promote a diverse work environment and provide a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and abuse, compliant with all applicable human rights and employment laws.

Suppliers shall keep accurate books and records of their business and financial activities in accordance with accepted auditing principles, applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Sherwin-Williams expects its suppliers to act with integrity. Suppliers shall not engage (directly or indirectly) in unethical activities with public or private parties such as offering bribes, kickbacks, or other improper payments for the purpose of gaining favorable treatment. Suppliers are expected to comply with the U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as all other anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in the countries where they conduct business.

Suppliers shall not disseminate any Sherwin-Williams proprietary information. All Information learned by the supplier should be held strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed or communicated to any third party.

Suppliers must accurately represent offered product traits and characteristics, including any trademarks, trade names, trade dress, patents, or copyrights, country of origin marking and other product data.

Suppliers will provide suitable documentation verifying the sources of conflict minerals used in products sold/provided to us. See our full Conflict Minerals Policy.

Suppliers shall grant Sherwin-Williams and its representatives or agents access to their facilities and relevant records associated with the products or services provided to Sherwin-Williams.

In the event a supplier is found to be non-compliant with the Sherwin-Williams Supplier Code of Conduct, the supplier must provide a written corrective action plan to address the deficiency. Failure to provide satisfactory documentation or to complete the action steps set-forth in the plan may result in termination of the business relationship between the supplier and Sherwin-Williams.

Suppliers are expected to review and respect Sherwin-Williams Sustainability guidelines and policies published on Sherwin-Williams’ website at

Violations of this policy can be reported confidentially in a local language to an independent third party that administers our ethics helpline at 1-800-SWC-True (1-800-792-8783) or online at All reports will be forwarded to Sherwin-Williams for investigation and corrective action, if required.